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Nissan Experience Day at Donington Park

On the 18th July, Nissan invited the GTROC and Battalion30five clubs, along with other Nissan owners clubs, to come to Donington Park and take their staff and family out on the Heritage Loop for a blast and a sample experience of what Nissan’s both old and new were like. There was also the Infiniti Red […]

Injectors and remap at Litchfield Imports

My car has been running pretty well of late, and I’ve not felt the need to change it. However, I was speaking with Iain Litchfield, of Litchfield Imports fame, about their new state-of-the-art Maha Dyno and the gains they’ve found in their Stage maps. My car is at Stage 4.25, and some are reporting gains […]

GTROC and Battalion30five Isle of Man Tour 2015

In May of 2015, the GTROC and Battalion30five clubs did a joint trip to the Isle Of Man, a beautiful little island and home to the world famous TT Races. We embarked on a 4 day trip, leaving my beloved Liverpool on a Friday morning, returning on the Monday afternoon. Luckily, I was only 6.5 […]

Videos: Alps and EVO Triangle

Some more videos of me playing with in car video. This is with Harry’s Lap Timer, using a 1Hz GPS Receiver in the iPhone and a slow ELM327 clone OBD2 reader.

The Audio Upgrade, Pt. 3

With my car being a non-Bose GTR, I wanted a similar speaker configuration to the Bose equipped models. The non-Bose cars come without rear speakers – not even the rear grills, and no centre speaker in the dash. I’ve asked Andy at R35 Audio to install some nice coaxial 4″ Hertz speakers in the rear […]

Some carbon touches

Just added a few more lovely carbon products, courtesy of Andy @ I think it looks great! Great work again, Andy.

EuroTrip 2014

Since I’ve owned a fast car, not just the GT-R, I’ve always wanted to take it down the Autobahn and into the Swiss Alps. Luckily, an opportunity came up for me to go. Ana was going to Paris with her mother and sister and I had no plans for 5 days. Perfect. I phoned my […]

Vents and Lifters

Very small update, whilst I still go through editing the video of the Alpine trip… I’ve got some new carbon fibre dipped bonnet vents and new hydraulic bonnet lifters from Andy at, they’re quality items and give the GTR that little bit more that you’d expect. Still can’t for the life of me understand […]

The Audio Upgrade, DAB Install

The only thing letting my GT-R down was the lack of DAB digital radio, which I guess is a UK free-to-air equivalent of Sirius, albeit not as good. Anyways, there’s no official Nissan upgrade path for this, nor is there anything on the horizon. So, looking to the aftermarket, most of the solutions involve an […]

The Wishlist

The wishlist is a bit of an odd one for me. I’ve never been one to wish I’d owned someone else’s GT-R. Most are great in straight lines, or too track focused, or something else that just puts me off them slightly, sometimes it’s just even the colour. However, that changed when I saw the […]

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