The Wishlist

The wishlist is a bit of an odd one for me. I’ve never been one to wish I’d owned someone else’s GT-R. Most are great in straight lines, or too track focused, or something else that just puts me off them slightly, sometimes it’s just even the colour. However, that changed when I saw the specification of the Litchfield LM1 RS and then saw it in the flesh on a recent visit down to Litchfield. Possiblt the best all round GT-R?

The Litchfield LM1

4.6 litre “Red Top” engine using Litchfield Capricorn block with Niksil liners
1,100bhp+ (917bhp @ 1.15bar on Vpower in early testing )
Litchfield/Capricorn Pistons with custom crown and skirt design
Litchfield/Arrow Rods with internal oil squirters
Litchfield Crankshaft with unique machining and Superfinishing
Litchfield Camshafts with custom valve gear
Litchfield “Red Top” cylinder heads with custom combustion chambers, ports and larger valves
Litchfield Large intake manifold
Litchfield Turbo Kit with Inconel manifolds
Litchfield Race Intercooler with ram air intakes
Litchfield “Battleship” fuel system including custom fuel rails
Litchfield lightweight 102mm exhaust system
Litchfield Stage 4 gearbox upgrade
Dodson Promax clutch
Dodson 6 Speed Gear set with 4wd shafts
Dodson shift forks and shafts
Litchfield 4wd Clutch upgrade
Litchfield gearbox brace
Dodson circlips
Dodson baffle plate
Dodson filters and magnets
Litchfield cooling package for all fluids
Litchfield Front differential upgrade
Litchfield Front suspension arm kit
Dodson rear suspension arm kit
Litchfield/Bilstein prototype track suspension with custom Eibach ERS Springs
Litchfield/Eibach custom anti-roll bars
FIA GT3 full roll cage
Litchfield shell preparation
Knight Racer Carbon body panels
Litchfield battery relocation kit
Litchfield/Cobra race seats and interior package
Alcon CCX carbon ceramic brake system
Michelin Pilot Cup 2 tyres

A stunning, stunning specification. So if anyone wants to donate …

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