The Audio Upgrade, DAB Install

The only thing letting my GT-R down was the lack of DAB digital radio, which I guess is a UK free-to-air equivalent of Sirius, albeit not as good. Anyways, there’s no official Nissan upgrade path for this, nor is there anything on the horizon. So, looking to the aftermarket, most of the solutions involve an FM Modulator and broadcasting to that. Not DAB quality sound and you have to move the frequency on long distances.

So, enter R35Audio, again. Andy has put together a very nice solution with a Dension DAB+U, a USB based solution which shows as a Memory Stick in your GT-R, and then allows each station to be a virtual MP3.

This is the plug’n’play kit from R35Audio, which comes with an amplified aerial, rather than a passive one.

The aerial attaches to the rear window in the corner, nice and discrete, you can’t see it in the rear view mirror, or really notice it outside the car.

Then it plugs into the USB in the armrest cubby

Before switching on and giving you all the stations you need!

It works beautifully, rock solid signal which is as strong as my BMW’s OEM installation, no issues with swapping stations by the steering wheel, pretty much perfect. R35Audio do it again.

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