GTROC and Battalion30five Isle of Man Tour 2015

In May of 2015, the GTROC and Battalion30five clubs did a joint trip to the Isle Of Man, a beautiful little island and home to the world famous TT Races.

We embarked on a 4 day trip, leaving my beloved Liverpool on a Friday morning, returning on the Monday afternoon. Luckily, I was only 6.5 miles from the Ferry Terminal, and I left my house whilst others were still on the motorway – and arrived before them. It’s a pleasant change for me, as I’m usually the one ploughing through the motorway network to get where I need to be.

On arrival at the Isle, the locals and tourists were stood, pointing, as GTR after GTR came off the boat and drove along the coastal road to the hotel. It’s always a special sight to see more than one GTR, and seeing 16 must have been something special.

The roads are simply phenomenal. The inland Mountain Roads and the TT course are a mixture of sublime, beautiful and terrifying. I’ve a new found respect for the TT Riders, as I’ve now first hand experienced the roads, the bends and the aura surrounding it.

Here’s a video of the roads, I had a great time!

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