HKS 2530 Twin Turbos

The HKS 2530 turbos are highly regarded in the automotive performance community for their impressive capabilities and reliability. Let’s dive into the technical details of these renowned turbos:

Compressor Side:

  • Compressor Wheel: The HKS 2530 features a high-performance compressor wheel with an inducer diameter of approximately 46.5mm.
  • Trim: The compressor wheel trim is typically specified as 56T, which indicates its size and design characteristics.
  • Housing: The compressor housing is engineered to provide efficient airflow and features a compact design suitable for various engine bay configurations.

Turbine Side:

  • Turbine Wheel: The turbine wheel has a diameter of approximately 53.8mm, optimized for quick spooling and strong mid-range torque.
  • Trim: The turbine wheel trim is often specified as 62T, indicating its size and design for efficient exhaust gas flow.
  • Housing: The turbine housing is designed to handle high exhaust gas temperatures and provide optimal flow characteristics. It commonly utilizes a T25 flange, compatible with many aftermarket exhaust manifolds.


  • Boost Pressure: The HKS 2530 turbos are known for delivering impressive boost pressure levels. They are capable of producing around 1.5 bar (21.75 psi) of boost, depending on supporting modifications and engine setup.
  • Power Output: With their efficient design and moderate-sized compressor and turbine wheels, the HKS 2530 turbos can support power levels of approximately 400-450 horsepower at the wheels. However, it’s important to note that power output will vary depending on other factors such as engine modifications, fuelling, and tuning.
  • Response and Spool: One of the standout features of the HKS 2530 turbos is their quick spool and excellent response characteristics. These turbos are designed to minimize lag, providing strong mid-range torque and responsive acceleration.

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