Leyland Show 2024

Immediately after receiving the car back from SRD Tuning, late on Friday 14th June, I was off to the Leyland Festival in, amazingly, Leyland. It was an opportunity to have a good run out in the car, a mix of slow roads, motorway, and some twisty roads on the way home.

How was it? Mega. Honestly. The car is now so eager to go, it’s ridiculous. And smoother. So much smoother. The drive by wire is a revalation when it comes to the responses and driving of the car. On the move, it is just so eager to boost! It feels like it’s chomping at the bit all the time. It’s not scary, but it’s fun – and even though there’s not a huge increase in peak power at the top end, the extra 400-500rpm reducution in spool rpm makes it a much better road car. Read about that here.

What was the show like?

Well first of all, thanks to North West Mustangs, who had a spare space on their stand for me to jump on the end and get me in. But it started off wet, very wet. So, I sat in the car and watched Netflix for 30 mins until the worst of the wind and rain passed us by, then it brightened up and warmed up quite quickly, and we could get on with enjoying the show.


Well, I did, and I didn’t. I was awarded Best High Performance Car, but I had to leave before the awards were handed out, so the runner up was awarded the trophy in my absence. But the first real show of the year and I’ve got a first place, which makes the hours of research, the planning and orcehstrating of moving the car, fitting and mapping, the collecting, etc. It makes it all worth it. I’ll have to go back to Leyland Festival in 2025 to defend my title, which isn’t really mine!

So many people were so complementary about the look of the car, the less is more look. Some people like the gaudy look for attention, but it’s never really been my thing. I prefer the less-is-more look and let the car do the talking. The stickers from Stickers at Car Shows really help the car pop though. Thankfully the judges felt the same.

Engine wise, the car is done. I won’t be doing anything else to it. Externally, it goes for a front end respray in a couple of days. Interior will need a couple of panels replacing as they’re showing signs of wear and I want a steering wheel with some controls on it for the Emtron to take full advantage of it’s functionality. At the moment, we’re just locked into a single map until I decide which keypad and/or steering wheel suits me best…