R34 on the SRD Dyno

Single Turbo Upgrade

As you might have read in the other articles, I went on a trip to Scotland with slap! Adventures, and whilst I returned home safetly, and the car, engine and most parts did, the turbo oil seals didn’t. They said “Och aye de noo” heading south somewhere near Penrith. Truth is, the turbos have been …

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The R34 GTR Upgrade Path

As everyone who knows me knows, I won the R34 GTR from 7 Days Performance. I’ve made no attempt to hide that, and actively promote the 7 Days Performance team, despite what some people say – haters gonna hate, right? Anyways, the time has come to make this car my own, put my stamp on …

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Which engine? RB26 or VR38

It’s nice having a choice of both power plants, they both have their strengths and weaknesses. Factor RB26DETT VR38DETT Engine Type Inline-6 V6 Displacement 2.6 liters 3.8 liters Twin-Turbo Yes Yes Configuration DOHC (Dual Overhead Cam) DOHC (Dual Overhead Cam) Valve Train 24-valve 24-valve Compression Ratio 8.5:1 9.0:1 Maximum Horsepower Around 276 hp (stock) 545 …

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How Fast Is 800bhp?

This is one of those things that’s so hard to convey, without sounding like a bit of a condescending scouser. But, 800bhp is bloody mindbendingly fast, when coupled with the traction of an R35. Those 345 section rear tyres grip better than an adolscent male… Most people have been in a fast car. They’ve got …

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ID1050x – upgraded injectors

Fuel injector technology has undergone significant advancements from the late 1990s to the present day. These improvements aim to enhance fuel atomization, improve combustion efficiency, increase power output, and reduce emissions. Here are some key improvements made in fuel injectors during this period: The Injector Dynamics ID1050x injectors are highly regarded in the automotive performance …

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Poncams – Camshaft Upgrade

For the Series 2 R34 GTR in 2001, the stock camshaft specifications for the RB26DETT engine are as follows: Intake Camshaft: Exhaust Camshaft: The Tomei Type B Poncam camshafts are aftermarket performance camshafts designed for the RB26DETT engine. Intake Camshaft (Tomei Type B Poncam): Exhaust Camshaft (Tomei Type B Poncam): When comparing the Tomei Type …

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The G30-770

Here are the technical details of the G30-770 turbo with a 1.01 A/R turbine housing: Compressor Side: Turbine Side: Specifications: Here’s the table with the approximate maximum airflow in pounds per minute (lb/min) for the pair of HKS 2530 turbochargers and a single G30-770 turbocharger at a pressure ratio of 2.5 bar absolute: Engine Speed …

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HKS 2530 Twin Turbos

The HKS 2530 turbos are highly regarded in the automotive performance community for their impressive capabilities and reliability. Let’s dive into the technical details of these renowned turbos: Compressor Side: Turbine Side: Specifications:

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