R34 GTR – June 2024 Tuning Updates

So it’s come home after a mega effort by the Lee, Mike, Ash and the rest of the team at SRD Tuning. The list of tuning parts that were added…

  • Rajab Racing Intake Manifold
  • Emtron KV8 ECU
  • Radium Fuel Hanger Nissan Skyline Late R33 & R34
  • Nissan RB Twin Cam – Race Series CAM Trigger Kit
  • Outsider Garage R34 DBW Pedal
  • Bosch 74mm DBW
  • Rework of the catch can
  • Replacement breather hoses

I was kept completely in the loop as ever by both Lee (for the mechanical side) and Mike for the mapping side, and it’s turned out beautifully.

Rajab Racing Intake Manifold

Well, being the nerd I am, I like to have the car modernised where possible, and lets face, it safety is flexibility is key. And looking through the ECU logs, the amount of trimming that had to do be done when tuning on the ignition map on the stock intake was crazy. So to kill two birds with one stone, I decided to change the intake and go Drive By Wire.
The Rajab Manifold is doing exactly what it said it would. Better turbo response, more power through the whole rev range and no sacrificing of low end torque like the short runner manifolds. The Drive By Wire gives us more safety controls, better torque management and CRUISE CONTROL.
The downside is the cold side of the intercooler piping needed a reworking and the catch can piping. Not the end of the world, but it’s not plug and play like the Nismo – although it doesn’t profess to be, but it’s cheaper and better But is it worth it? Absolutely. And it looks sexy, doesn’t it!

Emtron KV8

After the removal of the Link G4+ ECU, the Emtron KV8 gave so many more options and flexibility to the car. It’s allowed the intake to be fitted with the DBW throttle, and to move the map away from the ITB/MAP merge to a true VE and Throttle Mass Flow, like how the modern OEM manufactuers calibrate their cars. Efficiency is key! ATESSA control will be dialled in at a later date…
I’ve now got so many strategies to play with, much better safety and CRUISE CONTROL! So when I go on my trips away, I can actually rest my leg for the journeys on the motorways/authobahns/etc. I’ll report more on this after more miles in the car. Read more here.

Radium Fuel Hanger

When the fuel pump was upgraded, we noticed that the fuel pump hangar was looking like a bit of a disaster, so we decided to upgrade it properly. The Radium Engineering fuel pump hanger replaces the entire factory fuel pump assembly inside the Nissan fuel tank. It can be configured with 1 or 2 fuel pumps, I just chose a single Walbro 400 for my needs, I can always upgrade at a later date should I need. The pump is suspended down in the bottom of the tank, similar to the stock fuel hanger. From there, they feed through polyamide nylon tubing to the top hat.

The factory Nissan fuel level sender and low fuel switch are reused so full functionality is retained. A venturi jet pump is integrated into the top plate and provides means to draw fuel from the opposite side of the fuel tank.

Race Series CAM Trigger Kit

Anyone who’s tuned an RB knows one thing: the OEM trigger system (CAS) is CRAP. It has issues at higher RPMs, the timing can drift due to belt stretch. After talking with Mike @ SRD, I went for PRP‘s Race kit, with a 36-2 Crank kit. It uses a MoTeC ‘reluctor’ type sensor and a MoTeC Camshaft ‘hall effect’ type sensor, a completely sealed sensor with external plug system.

This has been proven on many 1000bhp cars, so my 500whp affair won’t be a bother. The nerd in me like that it will provide 3 times more data than the 12-1 tooth system and infinitely more reliable than the OEM. It’s basically a Supra set up! Controversial statement…

Outsider Garage R34 DBW Pedal

The final part of the equation was the DBW pedal. I found lots of options for R32 and R33, but the guys at Outsider Garage came up trumps for me. They quickly checked against a car they had in the premises and reported first hand that it worked. So I ordered the bracket, pedal and loom. Perfect. If only everyone was that easy to deal with. Bolted in, with lots of wire to allow it to be wired in neatly to the Emtron.

The car is now right up there with the modern way I wanted it. Now, I have to think of what’s next for it.
Do I do more, or do I get a Supra and start a fresh journey… Tuning never stops!