Welcome to Johnny’s GTRs. Ive had to rewrite this opening because I hated it. I got AI to write it because I couldn’t be bothered, and I’ve never liked it.
This is my blog about my two fun cars, the R35 GTR and the R34 GTR. If you like your car stories with a hint of sarcasm then you’ll probably like this site.
Oh, and the title of the blog reflects the domain name…

First things first, let’s talk about my pride and joy. Two japanese icons, rolling works of art. The R35 GTR is sleek, fast, and sophisticated, while the R34 GTR has the raw power and retro charm that makes hearts skip a beat. I just need another Mk4 Supra to complete the trifecta.

In the next pages you’ll see a history of my cars, the adventures, the modifications, the trips and anything else I can throw in. I’m always available over on Instagram if you want to contact me, gift me modifications or a blue/white Mk4 Supra, so I can get it in the family with these!!

Disclaimer: This blog contains traces of humor, some adult language, very forthright opinions and may induce some laughter.