Emtron KV8 ECU

Back at the end of 2023, I wrote a post about a new ECU.

After some research, and some first-class support, I’m happy to say that I’m working with Emtron directly to get their KV8 ECU in the R34. This is leaps and bounds above the Link G4+. The Link does a job, but not for what I want, I want the best for the car, not something that’ll do, and whole previous installation was done to a price, not a standard.

Enter the KV8. People around my way in the UK (and even Europe) don’t really know too much about the Emtron, but having watched several High Performance Academy videos, listened to podcasts, done research in the Australian scene where Emtron are huge, I decided that this was the way to go. The software is next-gen compared to Link, which I’ve never liked. The features are ridiculously good, as you will see on the above video.

The support we’ve received on the Emtron have been crazy good. Detailed responses, with time taken to consider the right approach. My tuner, Mike, has been talking to the technical people who’ve offered him training 1 on 1 to ensure not only is he happy, but to make sure we’re doing everything right and using the best of the ECU. It’s been so good that Mike is actually considering swapping his MoTeC to the Emtron. High enough praise?

I best carry on looking for the intake manifold. I really want the Rajab Racing Developments one, but I still cannot find any independent reviews, and they’re sadly not responsive on emails or social media.