How Fast Is 800bhp?

This is one of those things that’s so hard to convey, without sounding like a bit of a condescending scouser. But, 800bhp is bloody mindbendingly fast, when coupled with the traction of an R35. Those 345 section rear tyres grip better than an adolscent male…

Most people have been in a fast car. They’ve got a mate of a mate with Vectra GSi, or a twin turbo diesel. Granted, they are pretty nippy, but not GT-R fast. Let’s put it into some context below.

Acceleration Performance (Standard Weight Nissan R35 GTR, 800bhp, 645 lb-ft)

AccelerationTime (seconds)
0-60 mph2.8
0-100 mph5.3
0-200 mph15.7
60-130 mph5.3
Max SpeedApproximately 207 mph
These were recorded in Mexico and Germany. On the same day.

The 0-100mph time, that’s a fast hot-hatch 0-60 time. And the GT-R is doing that to 100mph. The 60-130 speed is also mental, but in the GT-R world, this isn’t even worth noting. There’s a ton of GT-Rs out there that are doing that in 3.x seconds.

Let that sink in …