Rajab Racing Intake Manifold

So after a little chasing, I was able to get in contact with the guys over at Rajab Racing about putting one of their intake manifolds on the car. Awesome. This is the manifold I wanted because it’s a street car, not a race car. Torque is important!

As beautifully crafted as the Plazmaman and Hypertune manifolds are, they’re short runner, peak horsepower parts and not what I want for the car. And lets face it, the Rajab Racing ones are also pretty spectacular to look at. Andrew Hawkins at Motive Video did a video on the OEM, Nismo and Hypertune intakes, and the Nismo and Hypertune items were very, very close in the

I will going with the Bosch DBW install, to fully bring the car to the modern age. And I’m not going to lie, cruise control is a massive draw! It’s a good 6 hours from home to Inverness when we do the Scotland trip, so having a cruise control feature will be perfect for the right leg – I’m not getting any younger. And I want to really clean up the engine bay, getting rid of the idle speed control, and having the DBW sort it all out.

The additional features that DBW brings are improved tuning strategy, additonal traction control strategy, etc.

All in all, the car is looking more and more like something from the modern times. And that’s exactly what I want.