Scotland – April 2024

The first real event of 2024, the annual pilgrimage to the Scottish Highlands with slap! Adventures, was a huge success. Not only from the group, the organisation, but the performance of the car. Following on from last years trip, and the subsequent upgrades over last summer, the car was a revelation. More response, less lag, great power and better noise. The team at MK Auto Repairs and Tuning did a wonderful job in the mechanical side and SRD Tuning did an equally good job with the mapping and calibration of the car. It was a joy. A testament to the skill and thoroughness of Mike from SRD was that we had to run open-loop fuelling due to a Bosch Lambda Sensor failure – which isn’t uncommon and is almost treated now as a service item (article here).

How was the car?

In short, mega. The Lambda Sensor issue aside, it was totally different to the last trip. The power out of the corner was there, I didn’t have to wait for 5000rpm. If I had to downshift, it was 1 gear, not two. From 3000rpm there was usable power, but by 3500rpm it was singing. I actually kept the car on low boost just to enjoy it, 0.8bar, around 400bhp, it was plenty for the twisties! Don’t get me wrong, I did up the boost to 1.6bar on more than one occassion when the weather and the roads allowed.

The clutch was also a revelation, soft, progressive but gripped like a teenage boy when it needed too. Epic.

I can’t wait for the next road trip now with the new ECU, intake and drive by wire. Let’s have some fun.

How was the trip?

Rik from slap! does a staggeringly good job, he has a dedicated photographer in a chase car, plus his able assisstant, Dom, in the Yaris GR (amazing car!). The group is made up of eclectic mixes of people and cars from any all walks of life. The driving standards are high, too, which leads to a confidence in the group, and the radio chatter always promotes a giggle.

The routes are curated by Rik and the hotels are vetted prior to any trip, making it a great trip. Cars are parked in safe places, whilst we indulge in some lovely food and drinks, talking about the days activities.

Roll on 2025.