Single Turbo Upgrade

As you might have read in the other articles, I went on a trip to Scotland with slap! Adventures, and whilst I returned home safetly, and the car, engine and most parts did, the turbo oil seals didn’t. They said “Och aye de noo” heading south somewhere near Penrith. Truth is, the turbos have been using oil ever since I took ownership.

So, I wanted to reduce the lag on the car, and turbos caused the lag, so I had the perfect opportunity to fix that. So I did.

The Shopping List

Out With the Old (Turbo), In With the New

Whilst the car has always been epic fun, it’s never really been to my standard, not that I’m a snob, but if you’re going to drive something hard, it needs to be right, and I’ve never know exactly what was on the car and what wasn’t, so this was the perfect time to go over it and give it some history.

Removing the HKS GT2530 turbos shows that they weren’t HKS GT2530 turbos, but they were Trust T517Z turbos. Not too much of an issue, as they still performed very well when it was on boost.

Next was the removal of the Nismo Clutch, which wasn’t as a Nismo Clutch, but an HKS GD Max Pro clutch. Part Number: 2604-SN001, which took some finding! The Nismo clutch was meant to give out at 500ish bhp, and we thought that this build would kill it, so I bought the Exedy. On inspecting it though, that clutch wil take the expected power, so it wasn’t vital that I changed it, but I did anyway. Better to be safe than sorry.

Finally, the Nismo 800cc injectors that came out weren’t Nismo 800cc injectors, can you see a pattern? They were Greddy 660cc injectors, which explained the high injector duty for the given power we were making on the previous setup.
But thankfully, everything else seems to be right. The Blitz Intercooler is the Blitz Intercooler, the Ohlins suspension is Ohlins Supension, etc

Part of putting my stamp on the car is the colours. I can’t do red on a car, just doesn’t agree with me, so the cam covers and spark plug covers were all painted QA1 white to match the car, with some blue lettering to match the SFS Performance Hoses kit. Mega.
Over the course of a month, the guys at MK Auto meticulously inspected everything. I had the engine mounts replaced, the gearbox mounts, the busings for the gearbox, all of the seals and gaskets, the sump baffled and new gasket. It drives like new.

I had the car road tested to prove that everything works with no leaks and no issues, and we saw exactly that. It was then time to have it shipped to SRD Tuning for Mike to work his magic. The difference is staggering. Boost threshold on the road has gone for 5000rpm to 3200rpm. Power has increased slightly, torque is the same. The off-boost response with the lighter flywheel and cams is insane. It loves to rev. It loves to go! Have a listen. The turbo has the T51R mod and the gate comes alive at 4000rpm. The G30-770 is the perfect street turbo for the RB26.

Thanks everyone, more to come to make this the best R34 I can. Keeping it classy and purposeful.