The R34 GTR Upgrade Path

As everyone who knows me knows, I won the R34 GTR from 7 Days Performance. I’ve made no attempt to hide that, and actively promote the 7 Days Performance team, despite what some people say – haters gonna hate, right?

Anyways, the time has come to make this car my own, put my stamp on it. Make it period correct, but also improve it and make it more modern where appropriate, right?

Parts going in …

What will this give me? Well first off, it’s not more power, but it is more available power. The HKS Twins are amazing when they’re on boost, but coming out of a slow 2nd gear corner, they feel like they take 3-5 business days to spool. 2000rpm to 5000rpm with little to no boost before they hit is a long time.

The G30-770 should be bulding some boost at 2500, and have reasonable boost by 3500 and full boost by 4000-4200rpm (the dyno will see how far out my man-maths is!), so I’ll have more power accessible in more places, but no additional peak power. Or, for those who know, I’m gaining torque.

What else? Well, noise. Anyone who’s heard a T51R turbo will know about the whistle, it was synonymous with big singles in the 2000s. And that’s what this car is. A 1990s-2000s monster. Reponse and noise, that’s two good improvements. What else? Fuelling. The injectors in the car now are fine, but old. They’re based on the 1990s-2000s tech, and injectors have moved on so much since. Listen to this podcast from High Performance Academy on just how much they’ve changed in the recent years.

CAMS! Every engine needs to breathe better, right? These Tomei Poncams are drop in replacements, meaning they don’t need any machining to upgrades. They’ll allow more air in, which means more fuel, meaning more power. But how? They have more duration and more lift. Boiling it down, more lift means it’ll open the valve more, meaning more air gets in, meaning more torque. More duration means it’ll open more. Meaning that that it’ll breathe better in the top end. Given the 260 duration, it won’t affect low end much, if at all, but the turbo replacement will more than make up for that.

The SFS Performance hoses are a mainteance replacement. The OEM hoses on the car are aging now and can become brittle, so why not replace them and not only improve the look but also reduce the risk!? Right? Oh, and naturally, I’ve gone for blue.

What are baffles? Well, the RB26 suffers from oil surge. I can happily rev the car in 4th gear from 2000-7750rpm and the oil pressure will increase to about 5.5bar. Do that in 2nd gear and the increased G force will drop that to 3bar. Not terrible, but not great either. And whilst we are doing all this, we’ll get the baffles in the sump to prevent that and help the oil stay near the pick up.

Head drain? What’s that. The RB26 has an all too common issue of excessive oil build up in the head area. This problem is especially evident when the engine has a high volume oil pump installed, I won’t yet, but I’d like to be safe and help the engine breathe anyway. Whether you look at this as an oil drain or crankcase pressure relief system, there is no doubt that it is a highly beneficial product on any RB. I’ll have that returned to the sump.

I could be talking absolute gumf here, but once it’s been on the dyno, I’ll report back and we’ll see. Hoping for some power between 2500-4000… Excited!