New ECU Time

Well, this one was unexpected.

The car was supposed to have a Link G4X, but turned out to have a Link G4+. A previous generation of Link G4 Plug’n’Play range, a bit of a disappointment, but what can you do. I never liked the Link G4 software much anyway. So I did what I do, research and end up watching High Performance Academy, just when they release the Emtron course.

The Emtron KV8 is pretty much perfect for what I want to do with the car – make the most power on a stock block as possible whilst being safe and bringing the car into the modern age! Throttle Mass Flow and Drive By Wire, better torque strategy, etc. I had a great chat on Instagram with Ben from Emtron, we talked about the car, the goals and the path I want to go down – best parts that are not only class leading, but that are not the cookie cutter approach that anyone else has done. And in the UK, not many cars are on Emtron.

Throttle Mass Flow is used in OEM level applications. It’s an estimation of airflow by using the following sensors

  • MAP sensor
  • Throttle Inlet Pressure sensor
  • Air Temp sensor
  • Throttle body sensor

Determining the pressure ratio, then with the temperate you’ll know the air mass and then model it accurately. It’s more accurate and reliable than just Speed Density, and helps towards managing to the torque which is vital on the stock RB26. The DBW will not only make the car drive better, it’ll tidy up the engine bay and get rid of the throttle cable, the idle speed control valve, etc.

But to do this, I need an intake manifold upgrade. I don’t want to do the stock ITB DBW hack, I’m not a fan of that. I’ll still have the issue of cylinder 5/6 going lean and pulling timing from them. The NISMO manifold looks amazing, but it’s as rare as a Kardashian-free news day, and will require a lot of work to make it a DBW setup, and the Plazmaman and Hypertune are short runners and I don’t want to push the power to the top end / sacrifice that nice little extra torque I gained from the new turbo.

I’ve seen a long intake runne from Rajab Racing that had some positive reviews, but it’s a bit out of the budget for now and I’ve not seen any in the UK yet.