Just Went For Dinner

…and fell back in love.

I haven’t written much about the R35 lately, not because I don’t love it, quite the opposite. It’s because it’s literally amazing, I can’t get my head around the words needed to convey just how good it is. I’ll have to buried in it, because I’m never selling.

I went for my monthly dinner with the lads, about 40 miles away in Oldham because Dominic has a McLaren and doesn’t like to go too far from his house. Just in case the car McLaren’s itself. Anyway, I’d not driven my R35 for about 3 weeks, I’d not been anywhere of note here, and I’d been in Florida and The Bahamas with the better half for a couple of weeks. It’s so easy to forget what a missile it is. The Tesla is 0-50 quick and 60-100 nippy. The GTR is just ridiculous.

No more than 4 miles from house, all up to temperature and I’ve got a shiteating grin all over my face. The mechanical noises of the transmission, the diffs clunking, the engine intake, the blow off valves, all accompanied by a High Performance Academy Podcast. Epic.

I come to join the motorway, I’m in the left lane and a 370z comes charing around the outside of everyone to try and jump everyone, and he sees me and mouths “f … in … hell”. Yea, that never happened. And because I was feeling kind, I absolutely nailed him. And then some. And a bit more.

I can’t think of anything I want to do to the R35 at the moment, it’s just perfect. Do I want to go to 1000bhp? Of course, it’s mythical number and becoming almost reliable now, but, can I use ALL of my 775bhp now? No. Being honest, no, I can’t. I can do 0-60 and even then that’s a rarity. So why do I spend £20,000+ for something I’ll never be able to use. The Litchfield 3.8 Sport Engine and LM Turbo Kit with G25-660s do seem a hell of a combination, but until I’m rich, they’re not on the radar (or until we move somewhere with better, more open roads)!!

Can you import UK GTRs to Texas …. hmm.