Pull the Trigger!!

Ok ok, that was lame, I know. But it does reference the next step on the R34 journey. The Trigger Kit.

I’m not sure how common it is to non-RB owners but over 7000-7500rpm on modified engines, the crank trigger signal breaks down because Nissan thought it would be an amazing idea to put 360 little holes in an optical sensor. And as the revs rise the ability to read that decreases – quickly.

Listen to Herman from PRP talk about it. I’ve decided on the Race Trigger kit.

So I’m going with a cam and crank trigger kit fitted, and whilst I’m at it, I’m going to have a Radium Engineering fuel pump holder fitted. I’ve already had the fuel pump changed to a Walbro 400, but the holder has seen better days, so after a discussion, the Radium one will be the best suited to my needs and standards. An absolute work of art.

So, with that I’ll be safely able to rev to 8000rpm – then it’ll be valve springs.

Time to research intakes and drive by wire next…