The Importance of Data

When the work was going on for the R34 Single Turbo upgrade, pretty much everything was upgraded, apart from one thing: the fuel pump.

We get the car on the dyno and Mike (the mapper) does a brilliant overlay video for me, and we notice that the fuel pressure is dropping as revs/boost increase. The car didn’t go lean, but it wasn’t a good sign. Watch the video below and check the 4th bar down, the yellow fuel pressure one…

New fuel pump time! This is why I love SRD. They saw the problem had the right part in stock and just gave me a quick call to verify I was ok to do it. Boom. Two hours later, it’s back on the dyno, new fuel pump installed, and no falling fuel pressure. Perfect.

Remember when modifying your engine, especially older ones, to monitor as much as you can. Without monitoring fuel pressure, we’d not have seen this early warning sign and the pump could have failed on boost or heavy load and caused potentially heavy damage to the engine.