EcuTek v9 … MORE

Just as I’d chosen the Emtron for the R34, I get an email from my friends at Litchfield, letting me know that EcuTek have released version 9 of their RaceROM software for the R35 GTR. It just keeps getting better and better.

I was already booked in for my annual service and MOT at Litchfield on the 30th March, and it now looks like this is being added to the mix. It’s a great opportunity to get the car on the dyno and make sure all is well with it, the power, the torque, the emissions.

According to both Litchfield and EcuTek, I can expect

  • Smoother driveability, especially at low speeds
  • Enhanced performance with lower octane fuels
  • Refined injector calibration for precise scaling and timing
  • Advanced boost control, increasing precision for larger turbo setups
  • Comprehensive Flex Fuel integration across all map slots
  • Simplified Rolling Launch setup for seamless operation
  • More reliable and safe Torque-based Launch Control

This software also leverages Litchfield’s experience with the latest MY22 Nismo models, incorporating factory improvements in engine and gearbox calibrations.